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Weston's stockfeed are increasing retail sales nationwide and we would like you to be a part of on the image below for full details

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A wide range of products are available, and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of any farmer. There is a high standard of quality control which is ongoing and continually monitored and improved, ensuring our product is always of the highest quality meeting the specifications and performance expected of top quality stock feed


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Welcome to Westons Stockfeed

About Us

Weston Milling is a division of George Weston Foods Limited (GWF). GWF owns and operates flour mills and feed mills in Australia and New Zealand. Weston Milling Stockfeed also known as Weston Animal Nutrition (WAN NZ) specialises in the manufacture of pelletised ruminant and monogastric stockfeed from its separate mills located in Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand. Our loyal customers prefer to call us Westons and the customer is always right, so again welcome to Westons!

Then; over 140 years of tradition and history

Originally owned by H. Archers & Sons, quality flour and stockfeed have been produced from the mill since 1864; a water wheel driven by the diversion of the Southbrook stream provided the horsepower necessary to grind the grain into flour

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Now; capital investment, quality assurance and technical specialists

A new monogastric mill was commissioned in 2006. Westons works closely with its sister companies in Australia to provide specialist advice from our technical nutritionist, veterinarian and quality assuarance team.

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“Our product is designed to meet the specifications and performance you would expect from a mature stockfeed business”

“We can and do tailor feeds to individual farmer’s unique requirements”

  Pellets and Grains

We supply farmers and feed outlets in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand

 We manufacture both bulk and bagged feeds for poultry, pigs, horses, rabbits and many other commercial and domestic animals